Cielo Segreto

Discover the mysteries of Cielo Segreto

Cielo Segreto is a First Person puzzle-adventure game. Discover the story of a lost Italian aviator in an oneiric Adriatic.

You must find your way on a strange archipelago. Discover its mysteries and resolve its puzzles to go home. Cielo Segreto was made at Gamagora, a french video game formation of the university of Lyon.

We were 15 people working on this project for three months. I was lucky to be able to carry this project after several stages of selection and to work with an incredible team!


Trailer by Jérémy Bienfait

Public presentationa at the 2017 Gamagora Game Show (French)

Game Test by Shad0war (French)


  • An open world game in a dreamed Adriatic.
  • An original story with voice acting.
  • 8 different puzzle areas with their own ambiances.
  • A zeppelin to travel freely all around the islands.
  • An in game camera to stock your clues and best pictures.